Skull Heads (2009)

The Arkoffs aren't very fond of visitors, and when their teenage daughter allows a trio of thieves posing as movie executives into their beautiful Italian villa, she'll understand why! The thieves get more than they bargained for when the home's protective spirits, known as the Skull Heads, are unleashed upon them! While the plot may sound familiar to the PUPPET MASTER and DEMONIC TOYS fans, the production quality behind Charles Band's recent SKULL HEADS takes a leap forward thanks to the medieval European vibe that is created by the Roman villa. The superior sets call back to the Full Moon greats like CASTLE FREAK and SUBSPECIES. Robin Sydney delivers one of her best performances to date, and comes off with an innocent charm that passes her off perfectly as the teenage Naomi. Steve Kramer and Samantha Light also make for an entertaining pair as the elder Arkoffs, with the classic kind of quirky character humor that was found in HIDEOUS! or HEAD OF THE FAMILY. Really, the titular creatures have a minimal impact on the plot, but the combination of puppetry and computerization that brings them to life works well on screen. Although it has been generally overlooked, SKULL HEADS is a worthy addition to Charles Band's signature line of tiny terrors.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. This is the same 'Skull Heads' that I saw? Granted, 5/10 is not a great score, but this is the same film that you said this about in April of 2010...

    "Every time Full Moon comes up with some shitty new idea for a series I always want to believe it will be awesome, but we always get the same result.."

    It has some decent moments, but Full Moon is using real locations as a crutch for making dull, dull movies. Who needs an interesting plot when we have flying buttresses?!?

    Side note: Robin Sydney is better than she was in 'Evil Bong' and 'Evil Bong 2?' Alert the press! :-)

  2. Which is exactly why it has taken so long for me to get around to this one after years of blinding terror like THE KILLER EYE. When we are comparing against films like DECADENT EVIL and THE GINGERDEAD MAN, SKULL HEADS is a far superior product in story, character, setting, and cinematography. Its all about context =D

  3. In story- dull.
    In character- dull.
    In setting- not much going on really.
    In cinematography- nothing special.

    I can totally see your point there!

    Besides, it doesn't feature the star of 'Trophy Whores 3,' 'A Day Without Whores' and 'Filled to the Rim 5' like 'Decadent Evil' does. I've got a million of 'em. Literally- she's in a lot of porn.