'The Dead Want Women' Poster Art Revealed!

...And Posters!

LOS ANGELES, CA - February 21, 2012 - TA-DA! It’s time to unveil the official poster art for Full Moon Horror’s latest flick: The Dead Want Women.

Directed by Charles Band, the film stars Eric Roberts, Ariana Madix(Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt), Jean-Louise O’Sullivan (Gingerdead Man 3), Circus Szalewski (Evil Bong 3-D) and Jessica Morris (Dangerous Worry Dolls). The story begins at an elegant mansion during the 1920′s; a socialite, flappers, and the men who love them come to their ultimate demise, but their ghosts continue to haunt the mansion throughout the decade. Now they’ve come back to haunt and chase after a fresh generation of beautiful girls.

Also, The Dead Want Women DVD will be available sometime during the summer of 2012.

And without further ado…

Check out more on The Dead Want Women at http://www.fullmoonhorror.com!!

- Charles Band

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