Giallo (2009)

Once considered the Master of Italian Horror, Dario Argento has since slipped into a long downward spiral of uninspired thrillers that lack the director's particular flare for the theatrical. GIALLO is no different, just another watered-down attempt to rekindle a failing career. Adrien Brody stars as Inspector Enzo Avolfi, an obsessed detective that has been charged with bringing in a sadistic serial killer who has recently kidnapped his latest victim. Each of the girls have been beautiful models and actresses, leading Avolfi to believe that his killer may have some form of physical deformity, but he will have to rely on the help of the victim's sister to find the man they call 'Yellow.' Were it simply up to the filming and acting, GIALLO may have passed as another routine (though underwhelming) thriller, however the poor plot construction is impossible to ignore. Avolfi may as well not have been in the film at all, when the real detective work is left to Emmanuelle Seigner as Linda. Brody and Seigner appear to be just as unimpressed with the script as the audience, with absolutely no range in emotion as they easily uncover the inept clues. Argento throws in a splash of blood but no sense of style whatsoever. It all leads up to the director's most anti-climactic ending ever, which is sure to enrage those viewers who sat by long enough to give the film a chance.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. I tried super hard just to go with the movie but when it got to the end I couldn't help but feel completely let down and unfulfilled. Weak sauce.

  2. This was a big ugh, I too wanted it to succeed, but apparently no one in the film did.

  3. I disagree on Argento's fall from grace. Not all of the movies have been bad.

    * 'Hitchcock' was good, simple fun.
    * 'Mother of Tears' is great exploitation.

    Is he making films on par with 'Suspiria' anymore? Maybe not. That's no reason to discredit 20+ years of a man's career though.

  4. I thought Hitchcock was passable for Saturday afternoon suspense, but even Mother of Tears was all guts no glory. I much prefer his two Masters of Horror entries, but whether it be an overall lack of inspiration, budget, or declining skill, Argento just doesn't seem to be able to achieve any of his previous success in either outright shocks or taut suspense.