Psycho 2 (1983)

It has been twenty-two years, and Norman Bates has been deemed sane by the court authorities, much to the dismay of his victims' families. Norman returns home to the Bates Motel and takes up work at a local diner, where he befriends a young waitress and invites her to stay at the motel. Old habits die hard, however, as Norman begins to see and hear things that make him question his sanity... Despite obvious concerns to the contrary, PSYCHO 2 proves to be a smart and suspenseful followup to the 1960 classic that pays its due respects to Hitchcock's masterpiece. Richard Franklin works off of a sharp script from Tom Holland, which offers clever allusions to the original that toy with audience expectations, leaving many shocks and surprise twists along the way! This is achieved not only in the writing, but in bringing back many actors and actresses from the first, in addition to Franklin's visual cues that tip his hat to the Master of Suspense. Anthony Perkins returns as well with another wonderful performance as Norman, falling right back into his most famous role and playing on the audience's sympathies once more. Part 2 is as good as anyone could have ever hoped for in a sequel to PSYCHO.

Rating: 9/10.


  1. I agree! I think that it is great to go back and look at these characters and what they are up to now. Love it.

  2. One of the finest sequels in the genre as far as I am concerned!

  3. Given these Psycho reviews, I'm beginning to wonder if someone replaced you with a Pod Person, Carl.

    'Psycho II' is better than it's reputation- I'll grant you that.

    9/10 though? No. That's saved for legitimately-good films.

    Unlike 'Psycho III' and 'IV,' this one didn't try to play the 'Norman is not a bad guy' idea. He's certainly crazy here, but he's only niceR compared to the film's villain.

  4. I wildly disagree here, while no one wanted to see a sequel to Psycho, this really is as good as any sequel could ever have been. I think the Psycho series is criminally underrated and overlooked, and 2 is an excellent suspense thriller. Its impossible to predict in the first viewing, but not to the point of being contrived.

    I'll admit that Norman is still crazy here, but he is not the villain. The only film in which he attempts to kill out of his own motivation is Psycho 4, when he kills Mother and attempts to kill his final victim, free from Mother's influence. It is impossible not to side with him in Psycho 2. He is being persecuted after following all of the rules that society put forth. Were it not for certain third parties, it could be argued that he never would have killed again.

    Paycho 2 is an A in my book.

  5. I certainly appreciate your opinion- I just don't agree.

    Bates is being persecuted, but it's because HE IS A KILLER. If they tried to say that he didn't do the crime, I might feel bad for him. Of course, they did that, I'd hate them for ruining the first film.

    Plus, he kills that lady at the end of the movie to keep the 'Mother in the attic' bit going. How crazy can he be if he intentionally restarts the whole thing?

    Rather than going on and on (again), let me just say this: I'd give it a low B.

    P.S. Are you going to do 'Bates Motel?' That's legitimately-awful. Everyone seems to agree with that.

  6. I liked "Bates Motel". You have to give it some slack for being a pilot for a potential series. And it is a series I would have liked!

  7. 'Doctor Strange' was a TV show pilot too. That sucked.

    Have you seen any of the 'Omen' TV show pilot? That certainly sucked.

    So, no, I don't think that I should give it any slack for that. If you want to be treated like a movie, you're going to be treated like a movie.