Friday, February 24, 2012

Purification (2011)

Bret Fitzpatrick is a self-absorbed businessman who is thrust into a nightmarish realm between dreams and reality, where the demons of his past return to haunt him. Director Joe Ciminera ushers in the JACOB'S LADDER of Independent cinema in PURIFICATION, a redemption tale that bends the edges of reality. PURIFICATION is a fresh step up in terms of originality as the director looks to find hope and meaning amongst the horror. Ciminera stands out against the rest of the cast with an strong performance in the lead. The same cannot be said for many of the side characters, unfortunately, who either overact or underplay their respective roles. While the overall theme becomes quite apparent from the very beginning, PURIFICATION lacks a steady sense of continuity between events to drive the narrative. It often feels disjointed and incidental as a result, although this can add to the dream logic of the plot. With some revision and reworking, PURIFICATION could stand to be a much more powerful viewing experience, but the underlying themes of crime and redemption are enough to carry the audience through to the film's climactic ending.

Rating: 6/10.



  1. The trailers looks great. Cant get the movie yet though
    Chris P

  2. It's still touring in the Indie circuit, but sure to be making its way through CA festivals shortly!

  3. Man I seen this in NYC when it was in the theater and it was fantastic. its out in Netflix on Sept 25th. I heard the director is filming another one. i think I like this guy. I like anyone that promotes living a good life on earth is important


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