Quarantine 2 (2011)

A deadly virus overtakes the passengers of a small aircraft, forcing the plane to the ground as the infected begin to lash out in violent rage. Once docked, the crew realize that the terminal has been sealed up to prevent the spread of the disease, and those left standing must struggle to find a way out! QUARANTINE 2 is a pathetic excuse for a film that manages to avoid every single quality that made [REC] and the first QUARANTINE so utterly terrifying. The preposterous characters and events make it impossible to take the film seriously at any point, which is made worse by the careless lapses in logic and poor film making techniques. All of the claustrophobic intensity of the cramped aircraft setting is released along with the passengers when they are allowed to exit the plane and go running around the empty terminal. There is absolutely no consistency in the rate at which the infected turn violent, which makes for a further lack of suspense as the characters rush around attempting to save those who have been bitten. In a moment of laugh-out-loud absurdity, the lead actress and her young ward fumble around blindly for a gun that they dropped in a plainly-lit set which was supposed to be pitch black. John Pogue gives us nothing more than a series of cheap shocks in a film that shows all of the skill and intelligence of a poorly-drawn made-for-TV movie. This is a prime example to demonstrate just how effective the Spanish [REC} truly was, and for what reasons. QUARANTINE 2 will have you yelling at the screen in frustration.

Rating: 5/10.