Rubber (2010)

"And now for something completely different!" RUBBER follows Robert the tire as he takes off on a deadly rampage through the desert, crushing everything in his path and using his powers of pyrokinesis to destroy anything he cannot kill through conventional means. Meanwhile, a group of spectators watch from afar, occasionally commenting on the carnage. The point? To have no point. To be completely without reason. And RUBBER proves its point very well. In fact, it may even be the most pointless film ever made! The silly premise is much better suited for the short film format, where its punch line would go off without a hitch instead of dragging it on to feature length. It provides only momentary satisfaction when Robert inquisitively inspects his surroundings and blows the heads off of innocent desert creatures in a fit of gory rage. Quentin Dupieux opens the film with a pretentious monologue about the pointlessness of cinema that immediately establishes his sense of self-importance. In other words, he is telling the audience they are not intelligent enough to understand that this is satire, so he spells it out for them. That does not make RUBBER any less clever or entertaining in small doses, however. RUBBER is unique enough in concept to warrant a view.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. i want to see this, though my wife thinks it something dirty... cause i ask her if she wants to see rubber...

  2. i am going to drop you an email, the hba needs some serious overhauling... and i wanted to get your thoughts.

  3. It was a really great film...I felt sympathy for a tire! Great ability on the directors part!

  4. I was also left quite underwhelmed by Rubber - it's an interesting premise but it just doesn't work as a feature length. I think it got by on hype alone. Personally, I would have liked to see a B-movie about a killer tyre without all the winking at the audience, thinking it's oh-so-clever. But maybe that's just me... :)

  5. A killer tire named Robert? This sounds like the oddest movie ever.

  6. There is a market for every movie. Whether it's 'You've Got Mail' or 'Satan's Cannibal Holocaust.'

    With that said, I love 'Rubber.' It's weird, random and ridiculous. I'm clearly the audience for random crap like that based on my love of Japanese Gonzo cinema.

    As I said in my review, it's certainly not for everyone. Hell, it's not for most people.

    I can live with that.

  7. Conceptually I thought this was brilliant and utterly hilarious, it just wore on too long for my liking, and they really shouldnt have included that initial monologue, would have strengthened the humor. Still, its about a friggin killer tire, thats awesome in a can!

  8. I didn't mind the intro too much. It's weird and off-kilter. It's not as funny as some people would have liked, but I didn't mind too much.

    As far as it being too long, I don't quite agree. That's just my prerogative though.

  9. To me, it seemed like the movie was one big critique on the current Hollywood climate. The sheriff makes the movie's thesis in the beginning that the audience will accept stuff for no reason because the act of watching a movie is accepting what is presented no matter how absurd it is. The fact that you're watching a movie about a killer tire reinforces this (Oh in the synopsis, the tire's name is Robert, which is the proper name for Bob. Basic-as-fuck name, maybe that last comment was a little farfetched). The tire represents randomness that you'll accept because you're watching a movie, it might also represent 2D characters that make no sense, but you believe anyways, because you're invested in watching the movie.

    I feel like the dude with glasses is like the producer of a movie, and he is interacting the with "audience" he provides a medium to view the "movie" and he treats the audience like shit, making them sleep in the dirt waking them up by hitting him with his briefcase and dropping a turkey carcass in the dirt for them to eat.

    The audience is captivated because they're stuck in the middle of the desert, the only motivation is that they want to see a story unfold. Their hunger is similar to media hype for a film before it comes out. People are starving for new content to consume, and he just drops it in the dirt for them to eat up like animals, and of course, they're poisoned, or duped (Just like we were all duped with Indiana Jones 4, or the star wars prequels), that one woman even commented "How could he treat his audience like this?!"

    But there was that one guy, who wanted more!!! He represents the demographic of people that make a shitty movie still profitable (Think the latest installments to transformers/spiderman), so they keep churning out this garbage. The director/sheriff thinks everyone has been duped, so he tells everyone to pack up and stop working, the cast is all confused though, because to them this gig is so serious to them- maybe they got so emotionally involved in the role, maybe they depend on it because they have nothing else going on. They cannot accept just walking away from something so familiar to them.

    The master represents the studio, I think. The producer looks like the one running the show, but OZ is still behind the curtain controlling the whole thing. He decided that the audience must now have their turkey

    Eventually that one remaining dude gets so emotionally involved that he becomes a part of the story, and his life is consumed by it.

    And now several copycat tires follow this tire's lead. And they're invading hollywood...But this is open to interpretation...