Short: Cthulhu Triptych (2009)

After being awoken centuries too soon, Cthulhu the Destroyer is left to toil at his unrewarding day job as a telemarketer, only to be spurned by the ladies as he returns home for the evening. The witty edge that Paula Haifley has helped bring to "Robot Chicken" returns in her own short entitled CTHULHU TRIPTYCH! Some of the humor may miss the target, but more of it is outright hilarious as we watch the great Cthulhu struggle at menial tasks while threatening eminent destruction against all who cross him. Nothing can bring Cthulhu down, not even when faced with rejection, loneliness, and endless caller hang-ups! The silly costume and clumsy acting add to the monster's pathetic charm, and make for a real treat for Lovecraft aficionados.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. Wow, now that I read your review I look at this movie in a completely different way. Thanks for sharing that....going to have to watch it again.