Short: Movie Monster Insurance (2006)

Ever worry about losing a limb on the job thanks to some pesky zombie, or having to fork out your own hard-earned money to head down to the blood bank after a visit from a vampire? Well, look no further, friend! MOVIE MONSTER INSURANCE is here to help! Paula Haifley's directorial debut finally gives the public a product they can use in this camp throwback to 50's consumerism. With tongue placed firmly in cheek, each of the actors deliver playful performances that highlight the inherent silliness of the plot. Great humor and great costumes combine to make this another enjoyable short for monster movie fans!

*Disclaimer: Monster Movie Insurance is void in Virginia, Canada, and Transylvania. Not valid against Sasquatch, man-eating sharks, or giant lizards from Japan.

Rating: 7/10.


  1. I think this is my all-time favorite review of this film. You summed up exactly what I was going for. Thanks Carl!

  2. Paula, thanks for stopping by! It got a great response at HI, and I really enjoyed it!