Bad Channels (1992)

A back country radio station is about to become the base of operations for a sinister alien being, who plans on using the airwaves to lure voluptuous young women into his evil clutches! How, exactly, does the alien go about collecting these women, you may ask? He transmits radio signals that make them envision themselves in a bad music video before they are shrunk down and teleported into tiny glass vials. Seems simple enough, right? Full Moon brings us another spaced out comedy in BAD CHANNELS, a silly spoof of the invasion movies of the 50s with 1980s sensibilities. Paul Hipp plays our wacky shock jock hero Dangerous Dan with plenty of enthusiasm, bringing life to what could have been an otherwise dull experience. The cleverness of the plot begins and ends with Dangerous Dan's Wellesian attempt to warn the public of their impending doom, then it is right back to rubber monsters and Grade-A cheese. SUBSPECIES director Ted Nicolaou sets the mood for a perfect B-Movie, but, in a fatal flaw, allows the awful music videos to take up more screen time than the alien action. Full Moon fans are sure to relish the droll humor in this goofy comedy, however.

Rating: 6/10.

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