Fright Night (1985)

Charley Brewster has a problem... It seems his neighbor may be a vampire, so he has enlisted the help of his friends and local celebrity Peter Vincent to oust the fanged fiend from the neighborhood, but his toothy adversary won't be going without a fight. "Welcome to Fright Night!" Tom Holland brings us his own hilarious homage to the traditions of Gothic Horror in the 1985 classic. The clever plays on genre conventions are pleasing to any Horror fan, as Holland exploits the vampire mythos for maximum effect. Cloves of garlic, crosses, holy water... All of the standard rules still apply, but it is how Holland uses them that casts such a sharp reflection on the Universal and Hammer films. FRIGHT NIGHT is filled with wonderful performances from the entire cast, beginning with William Ragsdale in a coy lead as the paranoid Charley Brewster. Roddy McDowall's campy portrait of Peter Vincent, vampire hunter, is a wonderful caricature of the characters played by both Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. The homage to DRACULA in which McDowall discovers that Jerry is truly a vampire is a shining moment in the film. Stephen Geoffreys is just as amusing as Charley's eccentric friend, "Evil" Ed Thompson, whose shrill, nasally voice and wicked sense of humor have made him a fan favorite for years. And then, of course, there is Chris Sarandon as the vampire Jerry Dandridge. Sarandon brings all of the same suave sophistication and courtly manner as his Gothic counterparts, yet he never feels out of place amidst the modern setting. The film's wit is only matched by its incredible special effects, which give a horrifying new look to its vampire hosts. With the help of NEAR DARK and THE LOST BOYS, FRIGHT NIGHT helped to reinvigorate the vampire film in the 1980's, and it has since endured to reach a cult status in Horror.

Rating: 9/10.

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  1. I love this movie and something you might not know is that i wrote six books, two and half typed in a crazy series of their adventures. i know that there were also a set of comics released at some point... my stuff is more violent. someday it will see the light, i wrote them... really no idea how to edit them, maybe i can share them in the mess they are...

  2. Cool movie... I still like to watch it on tape occasionally .... Have not seen the new version though.... you know that Sarandon was the voice of "Jack Skellington" ??? Really great Special Effects for its time...

  3. That I most certainly did not, Jer, that's awesome! I'm planning on picking up the new version soon Dr. T, waiting for a price drop onling. I only know about the Chris/Jack connection because my wife is in LOVE with him! Chris, at least. I come in at a close second.

  4. Best. Vampire. Movie. Of. All. Time.
    I adore Fright Night!

  5. Even more so than Near Dark MM??