Get On Set for 'Zombies Vs Strippers!'

Zombies vs. Strippers
Goes into production in April 2012
Now YOU can have the Ultimate Zombie Set Experience!

LOS ANGELES, CA - March 30, 2012 - Full Moon is going into production on what is sure to be an instant cult classic: Zombies Vs. Strippers. The sheer mayhem that comes with a set full of zombies and strippers has to be seen in person to be believed... And that's exactly what Full Moon is offering fans right now!

This is your chance to be ONSET during the shooting of Zombies Vs. Strippers! With the Zombie VIP Set Experience, you'll get to immerse yourself in a Full Moon movie like no fan ever has before!

It will include:
· All-Access pass to the Zombies Vs. Strippers movie set
· All-Expense-paid trip to Los Angeles, CA, which will include roundtrip airfare*, 4 star hotel**, and transportation to and from the set
· Unprecedented behind the scenes access to the movie making process, including meeting Charles Band, eating meals with the cast and crew on set, and watching the shooting of the movie from off camera
· And SO much MORE!

Click HERE for all the details on purchasing the Zombie VIP Set Experience! It will be unforgettable!

*Airfare is included for U.S. residents, including Hawaii & Alaska. International purchasers will be billed additional charges for travel, including Canada or Mexico.

**Hotel stay will be for three days and two nights in downtown Los Angeles, near the set.

-Charles Band


  1. will you be there, i don't want to go alone...

  2. I'm sure I can swing something ;)