The Hitcher 2 (2003)

It has been 15 years, but Officer Jim Halsey hasn't forgotten the horrible events that he experienced as a teen out on that desolate stretch of highway in Texas. He decides to return with his wife to face down his own personal demons, only to find that the hitcher from his nightmares has been waiting for another ride... C. Thomas Howell returns as the paranoid Jim Halsey in this late sequel to the high-octane thriller THE HITCHER, although it is Kari Wuhrer who ultimately faces off with the demented killer. Jake Busey fills in for Rutger Hauer this round, who is a suitable choice for the villain (if not completely over-the-top). While the throwaway lines and dialog are all deeply embedded in genre cliches, the unexpected action sequences are fresh and unpredictable. They still have a very small feel to them as opposed to the explosive action of the first film, though director Louis Morneau does leave off with a dogfight between a crop duster and a tanker truck. As unnecessary and repetitive as THE HITCHER 2 may be, it still provides mild entertainment for the jaded viewer.

Rating: 6/10.


  1. I tried to watch it. As soon as it became clear that Wurher was the real star and that this 'sequel' was just a rehash, I quit watching.

    I guess I didn't miss a lot.

  2. It really is better than I would have ever expected, but the best scene is when Wurher goes crashing through like 15 huge wooden beams on that water tower. I hate to admit that I actually cringed.