Damien: The Omen 2 (1978)

Damien Thorn is placed in the care of his uncle, the owner of Thorn Industries, after the untimely deaths of his parents. As he approaches his thirteenth birthday, the demonic forces at work will stop at nothing to see the Antichrist rise to power, meaning death to all those who oppose him! The next thrilling chapter in THE OMEN series is an excellent continuation of Damien's story. Damien is just coming to understand his own powers, but he has not yet accepted the role of the destructor. As a budding adolescent, he is caught between the innocence of childhood and the unholy destiny that awaits him. Jonathan Scott-Taylor embodies these dual personas beautifully, allowing the audience to relate to the unfortunate circumstances that surround him though they despise the growing evil that dwells within him. This is only achieved through Don Taylor's deliberately slow pace and a character-driven story arch. Academy Award winner William Holden also offers a dignified performance as Richard Thorn, while Jerry Goldsmith returns with another powerful score. The scene is now set for the Antichrist to come to full power in THE OMEN 3: FINAL CONFLICT.

Rating: 8/10.



  1. Ugh. Not this movie?

    It's not the worst sequel out there, but I can defend it. Why? It's completely-pointless. Seriously, if this film did not exist, the series would be exactly the same!

    Granted- Lance Henriksen wouldn't be in yet another sequel to a film in which he was not in the original, but that's a small loss.

    By the way, what ever happened to the sub-plot about Damien being part-fox?

  2. Yeah, I agree with the above about this one - it's pointless. Everybody else in the movie and the audience knows that Damien is the Antichrist and it takes them the entire movie for Damien himself to find this out. I always had the impression from the first movie that he knew what he was (mostly from that smile at the end) so I was expecting the sequel to go a lot further with the story than it did.

  3. That's what is so nice about this sequel, it isn't rushed in any regard, it simply details another chapter in Damien's rise to power. when we leave off in the end of the first film, we don't know what that smile represents. Sure, based on everything that has happened, we can assume it means he was responsible, but it is still left ambiguous. He may have been influenced by evil or subconsciously acting out evil, but I don't believe he was cognicent of his acts as a child.

    When Henriksen does reveal that he is the son of the devil, Damien flees and is upset. He is reluctant to accept his destiny, but through the last half of the film, the darkness takes over and he shifts, becomes deadly. He references the fact that he is born of a jackal several times in both the second and third films as well.

    I would say that the film is entirely pointed in the overall scope of the series. It is a necessary stopping point to see when he truly accepts his role as the Antichrist, before the world takeover that is staged in the third film.

  4. I could not agree more. I love it when a film series doesn't move forward, but rather stagnates like old food. It's so annoying when I watch a film and the series has progressed in any way at all.

    Seriously, I still hate this movie.

    As far as the Jackal thing goes, it makes for a good metaphor. After all, how could something so evil and vile come from a human seed. But...it's not a metaphor. He's actually part-Jackal.

    How did he pass the screening process to join the elite Boarding School? How is this possible?

    Plus, those Church assassins are just the worst. You only have 7 daggers that can kill him, so you go confront him when he's out hunting...with a pack of dogs.

    Just make a Dagger into a couple of bullets and end the series early!

  5. So much progression though, good to evil, good to evil! =D

    This school only accepts students who have the potential to become the US Ambassador to England. All others need not apply.

  6. He's good in the first film? That's why he does that evil smile to the camera at the Funeral? Granted, they basically write that famous scene away, so I guess you can count that.

    I haven't seen this film in a while- by choice- but I recall people being killed before Damien 'turns evil' as you say. Who did those? Satan? Okay, that's probably who it was.

    Still...I don't like this movie. You probably guessed that by now though.