Death Proof (2007)

Eight sexy young women are about to take the ride of their lives when they are stalked by a predatory stunt driver who uses his car as a weapon in Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF! DEATH PROOF is trademark Tarantino: Overly long, pretentious strings of dialog that are aimed at indulging the director more so than progressing the plot. The exhausting speeches that these broads deliver never make up for the overall lack of action, and are far less amusing than the director intended them to be. This is especially true when they are coming from a collection of characters that never would possess such finely-tuned powers of articulation. Tarantino is simply setting us up for his now-expected action beats that place an exclamation point at the end of each drawn out piece of exposition. With the exception of a big-name cast, Tarantino comes far closer than Robert Rodriguez in emulating the Exploitation experience during his half of the GRINDHOUSE double-feature. He achieves a gritty realism using fast-paced and explosive car chases that have been have not been tampered with using computer enhancement, which amplifies the excitement and danger. It is in these moments that Tarantino succeeds most, creating the modern equivalent to his own personal favorites VANISHING POINT and DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY. It takes so long to finally get to these last-minute thrills that most of the audience has likely checked out already. DEATH PROOF does provide enough momentary satisfaction to make it worth sitting through to the end, however, and the final chase at least adds a heart racing grand finale to an otherwise dull movie.  

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. There is a lot of the talky talky (what do you expect from Tarantino, really?) but I freaking love this movie. Can't help it, love it to death. Wish some of those girls were my friends.

  2. I agree that the ladies are cool, but they are soooo artificial. Fun as comic book heroines, but the talky talky didnt have as much payoff as I would have hoped for.