Fright Night 2 (1988)

The nightmare isn't over for Charley Brewseter, who is now in college after defeating the evil vampire next door just a few years earlier. Now, the beautiful vampiress Regine and her fiendish entourage have arrived seeking revenge against those responsible for her brother's death! William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall return for another spooky adventure care of the talented Tommy Lee Wallace, who steps in to direct for series creator Tom Holland. Wallace gives us many more ambitious and atmospheric moments, including a werewolf's vertical ascent up the dormitory wall, several swooping crane shots from the wings of the bat, Regine's swirling appearance out of the mist in Charley's dorm room, and the grand entrance into Regine's lair that is suddenly lit by hundreds of candles. These touches keep with the Gothic traditions of the original FRIGHT NIGHT, but are updated with more modern make-up and special effects. This is where the lower budget is most evident, however, since the costumes fall slightly behind the incredible work that was shown before. Julie Carmen is dark and mysterious as the temptress Regine, although she does not have quite the presence as her toothy counterpart, Chris Sarandon. Unfortunately, Roddy McDowall is given few moments to shine this second time around, as his character simply goes through the same motions as he had in the first film. Jon Gries, Brian Thompson, and Russell Clark, on the other hand, provide memorable bits playing Regine's evil cohorts. FRIGHT NIGHT 2 strays very little from the formula laid out in the original, but it is still an enjoyable sequel that is sure to appease fans of the series.

Rating: 7/10.


  1. not as good as Part 1 but still extremely entertaining and very cool-looking. IMO the climax is almost better as in the 1st part. I gave it 1 8/10

  2. Were it not so derivative of the original film, I likely would have as well, based on Wallace's excellent handling in spite of the lowered budget. Love Jon Gries as the werewolf!

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  4. I can't say that it's better than the first film, but 'Part 2' is vastly-underrated by most. It's the lower budget and change of Directors, I think.

    Poor 'Part 2' got demolished by Holland's new film- 'Child's Play.'

    I'm guessing that the Remake is coming soon (assuming you already did it).

  5. Soonish, still a whopping $4 on Amazon, and I'll be damned if I'm wasting actual cash and not Swagbucks on it. Wife loves them, I like the first, meeting Chris Sarandon and Amanda Beares tomorrow at the panel for Monsterpalooza.