The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2011)

Martin receives a spark of inspiration after watching THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, which prompts him to do a little creative surgery of his own as he forms THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2! The first HUMAN CENTIPEDE was only mildly acceptable thanks to the absurdist humor that came out of Dr. Heiter's character. That humor is now far removed from this second film, along with every last shred of decency. THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 is even more sick and depraved than the original, with few redeeming qualities outside of the shock and gore. Martin is a disgusting human specimen on his own, let alone his plans in creating a new 'pet.' Laurence R. Harvey's screeching, bug-eyed dwarf instantly puts audiences on edge with his unnerving appearance and disreputable acts. Martin's methods lack the clinical precision of Dr. Heiter; they are crude and ineffectual, using blunted knives and a staple gun to perform his 'surgery.' The bloody results become unbearable to watch, as tendons are torn free and his twelve victims are left writhing in one big, long chain of human perversion. If anything can be said for director Tom Six, it is that he knows exactly which buttons to press in order to maximize the horrified response in his viewers. No one will leave THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 unscathed, and hopefully, no one will take after Martin.

Rating: 7/10.



  1. I am torn about whether to watch this. I can handle the most extreme gore but it does not sound like there is any thing redeeming here to justify it.

  2. For me, films like this dare you to watch them for the gore. That's the only reason.

    Why should I do that so willingly? It's just shock for shock's sake.

    Be dark, bloody and violent- but have a point too!

  3. It's an interesting watch for Exploitation fans, but I do give Tom Six a ton of credit for knowing his intended audience and figuring out how to take HC and mold it into something similar but entirely different. If you like watching people consume gallons of explosive diarreha while having their tendons ripped out of their knees, be sure to watch this one J!

  4. Stuff like this is really just there to be gross and gory. The difference is that some movies make this extremely-transparent and others do not.

    Amateur Porn Star Killer 1/2 or Kill the Scream Queen- Obvious Exploitation trash. No frills.

    HC II- Shot in B&W, pointlessly-Meta and full of itself. It's utter crap sold as art.

    Then again, actual crap on a canvas has been sold as 'Art,' so this is no exception.

  5. Sick and twisted, but to be honest i like films like that.