Children of the Corn: Genesis (2011)

Tim and Allie are taken in by a crazed preacher and his wife after their car breaks down in the desert, but the dark forces at work on this remote farm refuse to let them leave! The eighth film in the CHILDREN OF THE CORN series is a bit of a mystery, especially considering the complete lack of both children and corn. GENESIS could have been filmed under any other name and remained just as ineffective. Billy Drago is creepy enough in his own right as Preacher, but he can never take the place of the murderous Gatlin children that are only alluded to in the plot. The opening act sets up an intriguing rebirth for the series that only becomes increasingly more convoluted and confused as the film goes on, until things finally fall apart in the end. Like HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS, CHILDREN OF THE CORN: GENESIS is a failed attempt to revitalize the series, and it ranks amongst the worst of the many sequels.

Rating: 5/10.



  1. What was the point of this movie again? I mean- really?!?

    Like you said, there was no Corn (except for in a dream) and only one Child that I could recall.

    My biggest gripe is that there is only a plot after the first twenty minutes or so because the wife wanders off and snoops. Why? Why would you do that when you were mere hours from leaving peacefully?!?

    Plus, that finale was taken from another movie. For the life of me, I can't think of what it was, but I know that I'd seen it before...dammit.

  2. I dont think it was from The Matrix Reloaded or the Final Destination series, but it had to come out of Dimension's holdings, no? I still don't know who the hell's kid that was for sure between everyone claiming it was someone else's. Not that I cared by the end.