Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Millions of years ago, a meteor struck the Earth and created an alternate dimension where dinosaurs evolved into strange, humanoid hybrids at the same rate as the apes on Earth. When Princess Daisy from the dinosaur dimension is found living amongst the humans, the evil King Koopa sends his goons to kidnap her, and it is up to two plumbers from Brooklyn to travel through the dimensional warp in order to save her before Koopa can use her powers to reunite the two worlds! The misguided SUPER MARIO BROS. movie is considered by many to be the worst video game adaptation of all-time, and with due cause. Not only is it terribly miscast, but the story, characters, and settings bear little semblance to the original game. It is one thing to take creative liberties with a concept, but the results here are alienating to fans and do not create a unique enough world to entertain or captivate audiences on their own. Instead, it comes off as a confused, over-budgeted DEMOLITION MAN imitator.

Rating: 6/10.

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  1. This movie is so bad it's good. Bomb-omb.

  2. But it pains me to watch it so! Where is my Metroid movie, damnit?

  3. Consider what they would have done to Metroid.

    Samus would have become a guy who was a Janitor on the Moon and stumbled across alien battle armor. He would have fought 'Metroids' aka guys in those 'Goblin/Troll' costumes. He would have shot lightning.

    Some things are better left good.