Hostel 3 (2011)

The stakes turn deadly for four friends when their bachelor party lands them in a seedy nightclub off the Las Vegas Strip that is run by the secretive Elite Hunting organization! With creator Eli Roth out of the picture for the third film in the popular HOSTEL franchise, Scott Spiegel seemed like an ideal candidate to take over in his place. After all, Spiegel has worked closely with childhood friend Sam Raimi on numerous pictures, and even directed the cult Slasher INTRUDER, a film in which he deployed the same twisted sense of humor that is often found in the HOSTEL series. Despite these facts, Spiegel turns out a painfully stupid and uninviting sequel that is completely devoid of the most entertaining elements of the original. The dark, Eastern European setting has been exchanged for the bright lights of Vegas, only the majority of the film takes place off of the strip, making the location of the events irrelevant. None of the characters are perceived as being heroic or even remotely likeable for that matter, making their prolonged deaths a matter of celebration. And if that weren't enough, the inventive torturing devices for which the series has become notorious are reduced to the same tired methods of dispatch that you could find in any dollar bin DVD. With SAW already on its "final chapter," it seems that the Torture Porn genre has finally run its course, so HOSTEL may be closing its doors for good after this disaster.

Rating: 4/10.



  1. i don't know about the movie... itself, i interviewed the composer Frederik Wiedmann and he did a great job... hey i have tried to get in touch with you... i know your life has been busy... working on a hba shirt design that will be available at on-line store. details soon.

  2. Whatup man, where were you e-mailing? Been checking my personal and ILHM accounts at least weekly and haven't seen anything recently?