Elevator (2011)

Take a ride to the Seventh Circle of Hell (otherwise known as sheer boredom) in Stig Svendsen's new Thriller: ELEVATOR. Nine strangers are left stranded in a high-rise elevator on their way to an elite party on Wall Street when one of them is discovered to have a bomb! ELEVATOR makes several flailing attempts at social significance, conveying weakened messages against racism, terrorism, and corporate greed that only serve to annoy rather than incite. Like DEVIL and BLACKOUT before it, ELEVATOR broadcasts its "twists" well in advance, leaving the audience to suffer through the poor performances and weakly-scripted melodrama with no surprises to show for them. The rest of the cast may have been slightly more tolerable were it not for Joey Slotnick's incessant behavior, which is reason enough to hit the 'Eject' button on this suspenseless Thriller. The Coen Brothers, this is not.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. this sounds like if you are trying to go to sleep... here is the one.

    i have a question for you, if they send you a screener... do you find you give it a better review or do you remain honest and true to your thoughts. maybe you feel swayed to try to like something cause some label sent it.

    my problem is i do like a handful of things, this is why i switched to scores... films i don't feel the same about.

  2. I think that this review pretty much answers that question lol.. See Dead Season for additional evidence backing my UIHB policy :)

  3. This elevator movie gave us concerns about elevator design, maintenance, acts of terrorism and horrifying deaths. The fact the elevator failures being reported almost every week around the world only cement our fears about the possible negligence by building management companies or elevator technicians and the role regulatory authorities play to safequard the lives of public.