Get 'The Treatment' at the KISS / Motley Crue 2012 Tour!

And now, for a special editorial report:

Here at I Like Horror Movies, we rarely interject with personal opinion pieces, but when something this awesome happens, we just have to chime in! A disease has plagued Modern Rock for over a decade, a disease which has stifled creativity and rewarded bands for playing safe and friendly tunes geared towards mass-market consumption. Finally, there is 'The Treatment'! Five kick-ass Rock 'N' Rollers from Cambridge, England that are opening for KISS and Motley Crue this Summer at only 19-years-old! The Treatment made their US-debut in San Diego this Sunday, blowing audiences away with their throwback style, hardcore vocals, banging drums, and killer guitar work. These guys single-handedly proved that Rock is alive and well with hits "Shake the Mountain," "Nothing to Lose But Our Minds," and "The Doctor":

If you thought that Rock was dead and find yourself constantly missing the 80's, it's time you got The Treatment! Their new album "This Might Hurt" is available online, and they will be on tour with KISS and Motley Crue Summer 2012!

Check The Treatment out on Myspace:

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