Halloween 4 (1988)

Michael Myers is back, having been called home to Haddonfield when he discovers that his niece Jamie has escaped his bloody rampage. It is up to Dr. Loomis to stop the mindless murderer once and for all! HALLOWEEN 4 marks the return of Michael Myers after a seven year hiatus following the events in HALLOWEEN 2. With the Slasher genre already on the wane by 1988, the delayed attempt to cash-in on the series surprisingly proves to be amongst the very best when it comes to Slasher sequels. Dwight H. Little makes several ambitious attempts with the camera in addition to his many big action sequences. Michael's rooftop assault on Jamie and Rachel marks one of the most thrilling scenes in the Slasher genre. Composer Alan Howarth breathes new life into John Carpenter's original score, with an increase in tempo that heightens the heart-racing suspense. The majority of HALLOWEEN 4's success, however, lies in the hands of young Danielle Harris in her breakthrough role as Jamie Lloyd. Her sweet sincerity and innocent charm are only matched by her ability to express sheer terror as she eludes her murderous uncle on screen. The great Donald Pleasence returns to the role of Dr. Loomis as well, with all of the same mannerisms and lengthy monologues that he is best known for from the first two films. Just when it seems that Michael has been defeated and that everything is safe in the end, we are given one final shock that rivals Michael's disappearance in the original HALLOWEEN!

Rating: 7/10.



  1. Glad you gave this one a positive review, since I love it so much. Is it a copy or on the same level with the original? No, but it doesn't need to be. It is its own brand of awesome. Some of the "Michael lurking" scenes are just freaking creepy goodness!

  2. How awesome is the scene with the teens playing Michael? This is one of my all-time favorite Slasher sequels. Danielle Harris is awesome as Jamie, and it does recapture the mood of the original to a strong degree even if it is a completely different film.

  3. Love that scene, as I love when they all leave and Michael is just standing in the road. Also the scene at the beginning, with Loomis in the gas station and Michael just standing, watching him. Eerie.