'The Killing Games' to Premiere in Calgary



EDMONTPON, AB - August 31, 2012 - The Calgary International Film Festival has said that THE KILLING GAMES will make it's World Premiere on Saturday September 22nd as a part of the Late Show Series. “We are just ecstatic that Calgary has accepted the movie to Premiere at their festival,” States Bruce Fletcher who is a programmer with The Calgary International Film Festival told Gillis that he watched the movie twice, and found the movie to be very entertaining. Gillis continues, “We're so happy that Bruce, Brenda Lieberman and The Calgary International Film Festival were brave enough to take a chance on THE KILLING GAMES, especially after the movie was turned down in Edmonton.”

In May, Gillis was told that his feature film THE KILLING GAMES was “too violent for The Edmonton International Film Festival.” Gillis was shocked by the decision, mainly because he resides in Edmonton. “Yes, I was shocked,” laments Gillis, “but that's all in the past now. We're heading South down to the great city of Calgary where Oscar-nominated Canadian director Deepa Mehta's film MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN,” is going to open the Calgary International Film Festival. Brandon Cronenberg's movie ANTIVIRAL will also be playing in the Late Show Series, and we couldn't dream of being apart of anything bigger and better than that.”

The Calgary International Film Festival is world renowned for their hospitality and the way that they treat filmmakers and film fans alike. “Calgary gets upwards of 50,000 fans attending their festival. Tourists, fans, great films, and the best parties... I mean, this is huge for us Gillis says with a grin. Calgary and Edmonton have been rival cities for many years. “Yes, the two cities have been at it for what seems like forever” says Gillis with a laugh, “however, Calgary is not just going to accept a movie because Edmonton turned it down. I mean, THE KILLING GAMES is entertaining as hell, just ask Jason Eisener who directed HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN starring Rutger Hauer. THE KILLING GAMES is a disturbing feature film about a man who's wife is dying of a mysterious illness. The man contemplates taking the law into his own hands, after his daughter witnesses a double homicide and narrowly escapes the grasp of two serial killers.


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  2. Edmonton Filmmakers Blacklisted Film now programmed by festival director who blacklisted him

    We at UFFO, the Universal Film and Festival Organization today received this message from Jeff Ross of the SF Indie Fest/Hole in the Head about a
    Canadian film "The Killing Games Film" made by an Edmonton filmmaker who was blacklisted on the Film Festival Organizers group on Facebook. We at UFFO stepped in and objected to such blacklisting of filmmakers and was ambushed by a group of festivals and banned from the forum for standing up for filmmakers who had no voice on the forum. Our magazine the Universal Film magazine have covered this recently www.ufmag.,org

    The is the message from Jeff Ross the Director of the SF Indie Fest and Another Hole in the Head festival who is informing us he has programmed the film by the filmmakers who was blacklisted by Jeff Ross and others

    . - Jeff Ross - "Hey! Great piece in the magazine about the blacklisting of filmmakers! Though, the one filmmaker you said was being blacklisted seems to have not had too much a hard time getting booked for fesivals. Why, lookee here, they are playing at one of my festivals even. But, why let facts and stuff interfere with such a riveting, timely story..."

    Tyrone D Murphy - This is the very same film festival run by Jeff Ross who took part in blacklisted Barry J Gillis on the Film Festival Organizers forum on Facebook. This is clearly a move by Jeff Ross of the SF Indie Fest/Holeinthehead festival to fend off the allegations that he took part in blacklisted Gillis Recent article in the Universal Film Magazine www.ufmag.biz about the blacklisting of Barry Gillis.

    Should Barry Gillis now see through what Jeff Ross is doing and pull the film "The Killing Games" as he will surly be manipulated if he attends the festival or should Barry go along with being manipulated by Jeff Ross despite being blacklisted by Jeff Ross and others.

    Universal Film and Festival Organization promotes "Best Business Practices" for film festivals. It is led by actress Maureen O'Hara and has 170 international film festivals and a magazine going out to over 1.65 million. UFFO and UFM are non-profit