The Walking Dead: Season 2 (2011-2012)

Rick and his team of survivors have made it out of Atlanta alive, but when one of their youngest members disappears into the woods, the group is thrown right back in to danger as they set out to look for her. Their search leads them to a remote farmhouse that has been left unscathed by the surrounding threat, where they join forces with Hershel Greene and his family in their continued struggle to survive. Tensions rise as personal conflicts and ideologies come to a head, but the group's petty differences must be put aside when the farm is overrun by the undead!

Television's most highly-anticipated series returns home on high-definition DVD and Blu-ray in The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season. With an expanded 13 episodes this season, the actors and writers are given much more room to breath in creating true to life characters and situations that reach far beyond conventional stereotypes. Character arches that were begun last season reach soaring new heights as the group is broken over issues of trust, leadership, and morality. While the pace is noticeably slower than before, the tension has never been greater. The season is split into two distinct halves, each of which end in a shocking twist that few will anticipate!

While he is still very good in the lead, Andrew Lincoln's performance as Rick Grimes is often overstated, given his limited range of emotion. Rick must reconsider his altruistic nature when faced with many life-or-death situations, but the emotional impact that should accompany these key decisions is lessened as a result of his constant overplaying. Jon Bernthal, on the other hand, takes his role to a whole new level in this second season, becoming the central figure around whom the majority of the drama unfolds. Bernthal represents even more of a threat than the undead scourge that surrounds them, yet his cold logic and authoritative command make him a force to be reckoned with. Lincoln and Bernthal are rejoined by their strong supporting cast, whose individual characters have been intrinsically woven into each episode to allow each actor a chance to define their role in the greater story. Laurie Holden and Jeffrey DeMunn deserve specific recognition here for their outstanding efforts this season along with Veteran actor Scott Wilson, who joins the cast as the Greene family patriarch.

Award-winning special effects crew KNB Efx also returns to produce some of the most realistic and terrifying creatures that the zombie genre has ever known. They surpass even their own best work this season, with plenty of gut-wrenching images of violence and gore. In addition to the endless hordes, KNB has created several "hero" zombies that stand out among the crowd, including the grotesquely bloated well zombie. 

If the first season were not enough to get you hooked, The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season will leave you begging for more! This is must-see television at its finest, combining the shock and terror of a mainstream Horror film with a depth in character and intelligence in design that are fit for prime time.

 Rating: 10/10.




  1. Okay... you know I love this show, but I am done with it. I cannot watch it anymore. Sorry Walking Dead, you are dead too me!

    Is what I would say, if I was crazy!

  2. Its true, thats basically certifiable after Season 2 Jer!