Jeepers Creepers (2001)

"You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it." Trish and Darry are stalked by a terrifying man-eating creature while on their way home for spring break in 2001's JEEPERS CREEPERS! Victor Salva directs from his own original screenplay, which is lazy, messy, and misguided from the very start. JEEPERS CREEPERS opens as a suspenseful thriller, before revealing that the killer creature is actually rooted in the supernatural. Whenever the action lulls or our interest in the characters begins to fade, Salva throws in some desperate new gimmick to try and gain back his lost momentum without ever actually attempting to improve upon the story itself. The creature goes from being an axe-wielding maniac to being a cannibalistic ghoul to then tranforming into a cannibalistic ghoul with wings and mandibles which serve no other purpose than to show off the flashy special effects. At one point, Salva writes himself into a corner when attempting to explain the creature's origin or why it only eats certain people and parts of the body, and hence "Jezelle the Psychic" is born out of convenience and necessity. If we are to believe that the creature can only replenish its limbs and vital organs by eating the flesh of its victims, just how is it supposed to grow back those wings, anyway? As annoying as they often can be, Justin Long and Gina Phillips are goofy enough to keep us entertained as the unfortunate brother and sister team, while Jonathan Breck adds a frightening new villain to the modern Slasher genre.

Rating: 6/10.




  1. Great review....this is one of the horror movies that husband and I both like. And he hates everything :)


  2. I like Jeepers Creepers. Love the scene where they drive by the church and see the Creeper and HE SEES THEM and just watches. Gives me chills.

  3. I like moments in Jeepers Creepers, but as a whole I just think it is a collection of unfinished ideas. That is the hook in the beginning that keeps people watching, and probably my favorite moment as well Joe.

  4. This is one of those rare movies where the second is much, much better than the first. I disliked the first enough that I'm not even sure why I watched the second.

  5. I really enjoyed the movie; could be because there are a lot of roads in this neck of the woods that remind me of the road they were on and have seen some equally scary people on the lawns in backwoods area (but none have sprouted wings)

    I do have to agree that it is bit disjointed. I had read an article that the scene where they are at the church and the creature just stared at them was not in the script; the creature was to have just been going about his business but the actor that portrayed the creature decided on a whim to watch the camera and in editing they like it so much they kept it in.

    Jeepers Creepers 2 does try to tie in and tie up the story, but after watching the first one and learning Victor Salva is a convicted pedophile that raped a 7 year old boy that had been in one of his early movies creeped me out more seeing the shirtless teens on top of the truck and worried they were being manraped more than the creature scared me:(