First Clip from 'The Whispering Dead' Hits the Web

Busted Knuckle Productions releases the second trailer
and first movie clip for the paranormal shocker


Her Scream is the Last Thing You Will Hear!

LOS ANGELES, CA - December 22, 2012 - Busted Knuckle Productions is continuing to develop their haunted title The Whispering Dead. After principal photography was completed in 2011, this film has undergone a transformation in the editing room. Over 19 special effects shots have been added to this production and a final “killer cut” has been completed. Negotiations have begun with distributors.The Whispering Dead is expected to reach horror fans in Q2 or Q3 of 2013.

“In 2008, a cast and crew set out to shoot a pilot for a paranormal reality show. During the first night, vague apparitions became violent hauntings. One by one they lost their lives. The Whispering Dead is a diary of the final tortured moments of nine real people in an unthinkable situation” (Busted Knuckle Productions).

The latest clips for The Whispering Dead show some of the film’s enhancements. The second trailer for the film reveals the mysterious “Ghost Girl” in three of four additional shots. She can be seen rising from a bed in a darkened hall to torment the crew of a paranormal reality show. As well, Busted Knuckle Productions has released an exclusive clip, which shows “Ghost Girl” greeting the audience. Try to look away; she dares you!

Directors: Hunter G. Williams.
Writers: Hunter G. Williams and Scott Michael Campbell.
Cast: Chris Hayes, Jeff Stearns and Becka Adams.

Visit the Busted Knuckle Productions website for additional information:


  1. cool, sounds and looks interesting I will keep an eye out for it.

  2. I'm looking forward to it as well K!