The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000)

THE PROPHECY trilogy reaches its thrilling climax in THE PROPHECY 3: THE ASCENT! Danyael, the half-human son of an angel, has been chosen as mankind's only hope against the coming of the Second God, Pyriel, the Angel of Genocide. With his powers revoked, the arch-angel Gabriel is left to sit idly by and watch as the world dies... That is, unless he is able to help Danyael fulfill his destiny and stop the approaching apocalypse! THE PROPHECY 3 draws the characters and events from the first two films together for a fitting conclusion as Patrick Lussier ups the ante with more exciting action and gripping suspense. The grand scope of the picture is achieved on a much smaller scale, delivering all of the same terrifying imagery and dread at a fraction of the cost. Dave Buzzotta gives a strong performance as the lost prophet Danyael, who is struggling to find purpose after learning of his own immortality. Vincent Spano's overblown theatrics can be forgiven considering his role as the angelic assassin, Zophael, while Christopher Walken is far more reserved now that his wings have literally been clipped. The crowning moments are rightfully achieved in Danyael's final confrontation with the sinister Pyriel, as well as in the notable cameos made by the previous players in the series (Gabriel's stop at an all-too-familiar diner is particularly entertaining).

Rating: 7/10.



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