Cruel Jaws (1995)

When we're talking bad killer shark flicks, two titles always top the list: SHARK ATTACK 3 and Bruno Mattei's made-for-TV movie, CRUEL JAWS. CRUEL JAWS uses so much stolen footage and lifted dialog from other films that it can hardly be recognized as a unique film of its own. The characters and events resemble the original JAWS so much, in fact, that Peter Benchley was given a writing credit despite having no involvement in the production. Fans will note specific instances that have also been blatantly removed from JAWS 3 and THE LAST SHARK, the latter of which is used the most frequently throughout the film. Mattei butchers THE LAST SHARK, Italy's premiere sharksploitation flick, and re-edits nearly half the film into his own with all the precision of a hacksaw. Plagiarism aside, what does exist of Mattei's original footage consists only of the most awful and absurd acting ever to come out of international waters. It is unintentionally hilarious, and serves as a never-ending source of entertainment for B-movie fans. Whether we're looking at the piss-poor line deliveries or the sad attempts at rewriting Benchley's material, CRUEL JAWS is a cinematic abortion from start to finish, but it is so perfectly bad that it even exceeds SHARK ATTACK 3 in the race for worst shark film ever made.

Rating: 2/10.

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  1. One word keeps flashing in my head - "why"? There should be better ways than this to entertain people or teach proper beach safety.