Ghoul (2012)

A small town's secrets have been kept buried beneath Golgotha Cemetery, but three young boys mistakingly unleash it when digging a nearby fort in the coming-of-age Horror film, GHOUL. Adapted from the novel by Brian Keene, GHOUL focuses far more heavily on the inner struggles of its three male protagonists than the subterranean terror lurking beneath the cemetery. In many ways, the ghoul is more of a physical manifestation of the horrors experienced at home than anything else, and in defeating it, the boys learn to free themselves from their inner demons as they progress in to manhood. Unfortunately, the stronger story elements are overshadowed by a lackluster production. Let alone the continuing struggle with pacing, GHOUL is incredibly uneven, pairing the light mood of a childhood drama with the gory trappings of an adult monster movie. GHOUL becomes less accessible to younger audiences due to its darker themes as well, with child abuse and molestation being the true "monsters" of the picture. There is no discernible hero to be found either, and none of the performances stand out enough to elicit an emotional attachment to the characters. Try as it may, GHOUL is unable to dig up any interest in audiences young or old.

Rating: 5/10.

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  1. Sounds like this movie was a disappointment. That's a shame, as I truly enjoyed the book that it was based on, and have been hoping for an adaptation of it for a few years. Have you read the book, by any chance? I was just wondering how faithful to the original storyline it is.

    I'll still be checking this one out when I get a chance, though. If I think it sucks, I'll just read the book again.


  2. Jonny, good to hear from you! I had high hopes for the movie, but it was incredibly inconsistent. It had an after school special feel with subject matter and gore that I really don't feel were suitable for the intended audience, and I friggin watch TCM with my kids lol.. The budget really crept through on this one and shows through the make-up and performances. I much preferred Lightning Bug for an almost kind of similarly themed flick. Havent read the book, although I have heard good things!

  3. And apparently I am still signed in to my daughter's account lol.. Check out Autumn Sayz, by the way!