Monday, February 25, 2013

Death by VHS (2013)

Scarlet Fry returns with another ghoulish Horror anthology in DEATH BY VHS: "Insert Cassette. Press Play... DIE!" Two teens purchase a collection of VHS tapes from a shady dealer after hearing that they possess a drug-like affect on their viewers. Unfortunately for them, it's true! In the first featurette, a disfigured girl finally gets a chance at living a normal life after drinking a magic elixir, but the side effects driver her batty. The second story follows the last survivor of the zombie apocalypse, who decides if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Third comes a classic holiday tale about a mentally-challenged boy who just wants one thing for Christmas: Revenge! Next, an abused housewife gets back at her alcoholic husband after consuming (you guessed it) a magic potion. Finally, Jesus Christ, himself, must stop a crazed Easter Bunny from committing any more murders using a little divine intervention. "Lepus" is the only one of these atrocious shorts that is even remotely watchable, and it earns a few guilty laughs in spite of (or possible because of?) its poor production quality. The rest of the segments are as awfully acted as they are scripted, and are impossible to sit through sober. Fortunately, the film is mostly inaudible as not to trouble the viewer with the inane dialog. Fry runs each film through a cheap computer program to artificially age the footage, but the filter just keeps running the same effect over and over again ad nauseam. None of the stories (save for "Lepus") contain any worthwhile frights, gore, or suspense, making it impossible to recommend the feature to anyone outside of the Troma fanbase.

Rating: 2/10.

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  1. Thanks for saying you liked Lepus. We were actuallygoing for a low production value llook as were poking fun at the bad horror shorts we had seen. We appreciate you watching.

  2. Hey guys, thanks for dropping by! Lepus was definitely an unexpected addition at the end of the film, a nice companion piece to JESUS CHRIST VAMPIRE HUNTER!

  3. Damn it. Now I have to watch Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Maybe Brian and I will review it on an upcoming episode of our show The Gorram Nerd Hour.

    Jacob O'Neal
    Robot Vampire Productions

  4. Do you guys have any other shorts floating around out there on a Youtube channel you'd like to promote?

  5. Not yet. We are workibg on some stuff and may have something soon. We are just waiting for everyone to have free time in their schedules. We will let you know as soon as we have something, though.

  6. I know I've probably missed a few List of Collinson Twin Movies in this list and I've no doubt that this list will grow as we move further into 2013 and more films' release dates are announced.

  7. You received a rough copy as a screener, the audio & such as since been fixed, this movie pays tribute to the golden age of shot on video schlock from the eighties like Microwave massacre, video violence ect..It is meant to be fun, Glad you enjoyed Lepus, I think people who love stuff Like Troma, H.G Lewis and stuff along those lines will get a kick out of this movie.


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