The Devil's Chair (2007)

After experiencing his girlfriend's death at the hands of a demonic relic, Nick West is institutionalized for murder. Four years later, he is released into the care of Dr. Willard, who hopes to have Nick confront his fears and reveal the truth behind Sammy's disappearance with the help of his students. What they discover, instead, is the "Devil's Chair" of Nick's nightmares, which serves as a gateway to Hell to anyone who dares touch it. Director Adam Mason defies audience expectations in this chilling tale of demonic possession entitled THE DEVIL'S CHAIR, from 2007. Through Nick's narration, Mason intentionally breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly, mocking their morbid desires with the lure of sex, violence, and gore. What he delivers in their stead is a frightening psychological thriller that places the mystery and suspense of Brad Anderson's SESSION 9 into the context of a traditional monster movie. Mason introduces a unique mythology for the decrepit demon, along with a terrifying new creature design. The suffocating mood of the abandoned asylum makes for the perfect setting, as well. Just as everything seems to be playing out according to the tired old cliches, Mason rips the ground out from underneath us with a shocking twist in the end. Although it certainly raises several questions in terms of logical inconsistencies, it is a welcome change of pace from the usual genre fare. THE DEVIL'S CHAIR comes highly recommended for fans of mind-bending psychological thrillers like SHROOMS or HORROR.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. I also really dug this one. Just a very different film, and a big step forward after The Broken.