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NEW YORK, NY - February 11, 2013 - IFC Midnight's heart-stopping horror thriller WOULD YOU RATHER, starring Brittany Snow and Sasha Grey, is now playing in select theaters, SundanceNow, Cable VOD, and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube).

What would you do if a millionaire offered you a chance to solve all your life’s problems? After the tragic death of her parents, Iris (Brittany Snow) is desperate to make ends meet while caring for her terminally ill younger brother. Shepard Lambrick (Jeffrey Combs), a seemingly philanthropic aristocrat, expresses an interest in helping them. He invites her to an exclusive dinner party that offers the chance at untold riches. When she arrives she finds herself in a group of similarly desperate individuals from the gruff middle aged Conway (John Heard) to the dark loner Amy (Sasha Grey). They soon find themselves trapped in Lambrick's mansion and forced to play a sadistic game of Would You Rather, where only the winner will get out alive. As the game progress Iris must decide how far she will go to save her brother… and herself. WOULD YOU RATHER is an edge of your seat horror thriller with an ensemble cast that also features Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Eddie Steeples and Charlie Hofheimer.

Directed by:
David Guy Levy

Brittany Snow
Jeffrey Combs
Sasha Grey

Official Trailer:



New York: IFC Center – Now Playing!
Los Angeles: Noho 7 – Coming Friday, February 15th!


  1. I always prefer the big screen..any movie is always a lesser experience on a video.

  2. I love watching entertaining Horror movies in theaters, like Slasher sequels or gross-out flicks, but I just cant bring myself to watch haunts with a group of wild, obnoxious teens that snuck in so their gfs would think theyre cool ;)