Sunday, December 22, 2013

Antisocial (2013)

When terror strikes a small college town, five friends are forced to barricade themselves inside their home, but what they fail to realize is that the ravaging disease that is spreading outside their door has made its way inside through media contact. ANTISOCIAL is a good Horror movie. It is a really good Horror movie. Director Cody Calahan and co-writer Chad Archibald have tackled a modern concern over social media's effect on communication and human interaction in a tactful yet biting social commentary that is subtle enough to avoid alienating fans of outright shock and terror. This is achieved simply by demonstrating the inescapable effect that smart phones, tablets, and personal computers have over our daily lives. What if a virus was to spread through the use of one of these devices? Think of the devastation. This brilliant premise quickly brings to mind 2008's breakthrough feature, PONTYPOOL, which dealt with a similar means of transmission through audio interference, as well as the claustrophobic thriller, RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR. Calahan's only misstep is projecting the hallucinations onto the screen, which adds an unnecessary supernatural element to an otherwise minimalist effort. At times, the survival aspect also supersedes the psychological terror, as well, but that does not distract from the overall success of the film. The keen editing techniques that are used to tie social media into the plot only work to further enhance the theme. ANTISOCIAL should serve as a wake-up call to the hand-held generation, and lives up to the filmmakers' original intent.

Rating: 7/10.

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  1. This sounds really interesting, thanks for the review - 7/10 sounds great.

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    Merry Christmas Carl, have a great time geezer.

  3. This is a great acquisition from Breaking Glass Pictures, it is certainly worth seeking out, Jenn!

    Jervaise, a very Merry Christmas to you old friend, Heather is looking down on you and smiling this fine day. 75F clear skies and sunny today, a cold Christmas for us here in So Cal!