Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

Just when it seemed that the profitable Horror series had finally met its end, writer Christopher Landon manages to turn things around and offer and entertaining and shocking new sequel in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES! This newest entry follows Jessie, who has recently graduated high school and spent his savings on a new video camera. He and his friend, Hector, run into trouble after breaking into the home of a neighboring tenant, who they believed to be a witch. Now, Jessie has been marked by an evil entity that has taken possession of the teen as a coven of witches set out to reclaim him! THE MARKED ONES takes a lighter and much more entertaining tone than the three previous sequels, and gives us two teen characters with whom we can honestly relate. Jessie and Hector are just your average, fun-loving kids, and we hate to see the ill fate that befalls them. Landon has finally taken the advice of countless critics, and injected some much needed shocks early on to keep the action and excitement moving at an electric pace. There are several truly terrifying moments of unexpected horror that will have audiences jumping out of their seats for sure. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES is actually worth the price of admission to enjoy amongst other anxious moviegoers who are ready to scream and laugh alongside you.

Rating: 7/10.



  1. Wow, nice to hear! I unapologetically love the other films but the trailer for this latest one didn't really pique my interest. Might have to give it a watch now!

  2. I really enjoyed it. I'm a fan of the series, but I fully understand and appreciate other people's annoyance with it. This is the most enjoyable film since the first, and it certainly makes up for the last.