Monday, January 27, 2014

Scorned (2013)

In the classic tradition of BASIC INSTINCT and FATAL ATTRACTION comes SCORNED, a sexy new thriller starring AnnaLynne McCord and Billy Zane. Kevin awakens to find his girlfriend, Sadie, going through his cell phone to find a number of incriminating text messages to another woman: Sadie's best friend. He also finds that he's been hit on the head and tied to a chair, and that the romantic weekend that he has planned for both ladies is about to go to hell! AnnaLynne McCord delivers another highly entertaining performance as Sadie, who revels in satisfaction over the tortures she has planned. Several sadistic scenes from the aforementioned films have been paraphrased here, including Sadie's attempt to make a microwave meal out of her best friend's dog, and a gut-wrenching homage to MISERY with a hilarious twist. Billy Zane is equally enjoyable as Kevin, a man who is so smug and self-assured that he is willing to call Sadie's bluff even as she threatens him with unthinkable crimes. While SCORNED strings together a number of contrived and highly unlikely scenarios, it still makes for a ton of bloody fun with its sick and twisted sense of humor!

Rating: 7/10.

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