Sunday, April 6, 2014

Torture Chamber (2013)

A family struggles to end the evil reign of their youngest son, Jimmy, who they believe to be possessed by the devil, but is Jimmy's condition a result of his oppressive religious upbringing, or something far more sinister? Cult director Dante Tomaselli returns with another ambitious and highly original approach to hallucinatory horror in TORTURE CHAMBER, his fourth and most recent film. As always, Tomaselli instills a personal approach to the writing and directing of this low-budget shocker, drawing once more from a deeply-religious background that seems to condemn the dogmatic practices of the Catholic church. We are the ones that are left to decide whether Jimmy's twisted appearance and demonic powers are a result of nature or nurture, or whether the events portrayed in the film are even real to begin with. Jimmy's fiery vengeance can just as easily be an expression of his inner anguish and psychological turmoil as it could be an outward expression of true horror. Tomaselli sets the mood with a stellar score, which draws us deep into the bowels of hell portrayed on screen. For all of its strengths, however, TORTURE CHAMBER may prove to be too challenging for most audiences. It is laid out through a series of flashbacks and hallucinations which defy linear structure. The result is a living, breathing nightmare that conforms solely to the director's unique vision of horror. Those fringe film fans that are seeking a breakaway from the standard conventions of the genre will find TORTURE CHAMBER to be a refreshing release.

Rating: 6/10.



Watch the TORTURE CHAMBER Trailer:


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  3. The phrase "Devil" always turns me off in a horror movie description. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's very scary to Christians, but to me good vs. evil isn't something I relate to. I relate to a world where there are no absolutes, and good and evil are murky concepts. That's alot scarier to me.