Science Team (2014)

When a small town falls under attack by an evil alien menace, the fate of the universe is left in the hands of Earth's most elite intergalactic guardians: The Science Team! Can these sexy young scientists stop the mysterious being from infiltrating our minds and taking over the entire planet? Drew Buldoc bursts back onto the scene with SCIENCE TEAM, a veritable goregasm of bloody murder and mayhem from the director of THE TAINT! SCIENCE TEAM throws together all of the outrageous and over-the-top antics that we have come to expect from the Troma school of filmmaking, while reaching for the deeper social and psychological significance of Romero or Cohen. It's a wonder that star Vito Trigo wasn't arrested for his on-screen insanity as Chip, the grief-stricken son whose mother becomes the first victim in the alien invasion. Trigo's ravenous behavior is off-set by Richard Spencer's smug and slicked-back performance as Science Team leader Joey Tweed, who sneaks in many of the film's more clever and irreverent moments. Although the campy dialog and gruesome effects are enough to carry us from scene to scene, SCIENCE TEAM falters most in driving home a clearly discernible plot. Without ever having established the characters' underlying intentions or motivations, it is simply uncertain as to what the film is looking to achieve at any given time. It also finds difficulty in striking a balance between the light-hearted humor and any feigned seriousness in the plot. Still, SCIENCE TEAM shows several marked improvements in style and substance for Buldoc's sophomore outing, and comes as an enjoyable entry into the Sci-Fi/Horror genre.

Rating: 6/10.

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